Why Can't I View My Verizon FiOS Bill Online?

Warning Do Not Use Verizon FiOS's Paperless Billing
Do not use paperless billing for Verizon. Get a copy of your bill on paper. If you use paperless billing it will be impossible to view your bill online through your WellsFargo, Chase or Bank of America bank online or at Verizon.net or Verizon.com. The FTC needs to get involved with this company immediately because. This is not the 3rd month I have been monitoring this horrendous customer service. Had to call multiple times to get a new password and spoke with 4 different customer service people who could not figure it out.  Someone, please help because I love the service!

A 4th Verizon rep told me that he had to refresh my profile in order to access my account.  The 5th Verizon customer service rep told me she would email me my bill.  The 6th Verizon rep told me that I should clear my cookies.  The 7th Verizon rep told gave me a new password and said it wouldn't reset for 15 minutes.  So frustrating its just ridiculous. This takes up to 24 hours according to the person assuming it doesn't go directly into your spam box first.  I am still waiting and still have not received it as promised.

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