iPad 2 Feb Launch Angers Current iPad Owners & Holiday Shoppers

Is Apple's Planned Device Obsolescence A Scam?
Am I the only person who was going to buy an iPad for my household but now going to wait until the iPad2 launches in February?  Is anyone else unhappy with Apple for rushing iPad2 to market just a few months after original iPad? There should be huge discount for iPad original owners who are fueling the Apple planned obsolescence engine. Granted there are some deficiencies in the current iPad like the following: No camera, no multi-tasking, no flash, no ability to print built in, no USB port, apps don’t show full screen and horrible import of documents. These are just a few of the complaints but that seems to be overshadowed by the nirvana Apple fans have when using the products.  Are these enough reasons to consider and 7" Android tablet or a 10" Android Tablet or maybe even a device with the Chrome OS that might have all of the features that the iPad does not?

I am sure Apple had the ability to include all in these features in the original version. So why have they been omitted? Could it have been planned that way from the beginning? We are not sure , but awfully suspicious.  Its not the first time that Apple has done this just look at all of the iPods below?

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