MetroPCS Marketing Needs Some Help

MetroPCS needs to start unlimit their marketing department if they want to survive. The company has 7.9M customers in the US and their stock is trading near their all time low around $10-$12.  The company operates 153 stores and is located in 300 cities throughout the US.  However, no one even knows that the company seems to exist or what kind of phones they offer. 

I often wonder who is running the marketing departments of wireless telecom companies.  MetroPCS has a an opportunity to capitalize on their expanding LTE network and very reasonable pre-paid 4G pricing.  The company has launched its LTE 4G network and yet has received zero publicity for this effort or their leadership.  The company has also been a leader in their distributed antenna systems DAS deployments in many neighborhoods throughout the US but you probably haven't heard of this as well. 

Here are both of the commercials I was able to find on YouTube.  I have no idea what the company is trying to tell me in these commercials other than their possibly their target customer base are Indians living in the US?  We have some ideas of how they could come up with a marketing message to compete with the big boys and would like to see them compete. 

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