Places to Buy Google TV

Three Ways to Get Google TV through a TV App or Blu-ray Box or Device
Right now Sony seems to be sponsoring Google for a limited time to promote their TV's during the holiday shopping craze.  However, we don't believe this "exclusive" promotion with Sony will last very long as companies like Samsung, LG,  Toshiba, Panasonic, Vizio and others will want to get into the game as well.  Google TV is just the start of a massive consumer revolution against cable companies who control distribution and linear programming of content.  Cable companies like Comcast won't change until they are forced to by competition or by customers leaving.  Here are 10 reasons to cut your cable cord.   On-demand where you want it and when you want it is the new model of viewing video content.  Who needs 1,000 cable channels when the internet has an infinite amount of channels to view content.   If you need to buy it immediately I would recommend going to Best Buy or Amazon.  Patience will pay off as I don't think Google plans on charging you for the application on your TV and you will eventually get it for free through your TV app store. 

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