Slow Clearwire Upload Speeds & Very Fast Download Speeds

Clearwire Wimax Coverage Near LAX Airport
Clearwire recently launched new Wimax service in Los Angeles.  Today, we received a complimentary 45 day trial to test it out.  We tested the Clearwire Wimax from our office in the vicinity of LAX and here is what we found.  We were surprised by the fast download speeds but disappointed with the upload speeds.  This tells me that Clearwire USB moden data cards can be useful for consumption of data, media and video but not for interacting or publishing of media.  Most business customers are in the download side of internet where as media and publishers are mostly uploading video, pictures and test.  

To be fair we did a simple upload and download speed test of our dedicated office Ethernet line that costs us around $500 per month that gets only 3 mbps up and 3 mbps down.  See the speed test results on the bottom image.  If the speeds were faster on the upload and the connect was consistently reliable we might think about having everyone in the office use a Clearwire Wimax card and it would actually save us money. So in conclusion its great to see that wireless download speeds are fast and it might be possible to replace your dedicate T1 or ethernet office broadband service.  However, these services might just be limited to mobile laptops and automobiles in the near future for passive media usage. 

Clearwire Download 4.55 mbps Downlaod and Upload Speeds of only .04 mpbs

XO dedicated ethernet 2.25 mbps Download and 2.80 Upload

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