CES 2011 Live Updates

Look out CES here we come.  This is going to be a tremendous year for the consumer at CES as this could finally be the year that data connectivity is fast enough to get excited about.  Nope we are not very excited about LTE or 4G because its just ok.  We are more excited about the potential that WiFi finally has on the entire communication process for voice and data on tablets.  4G and LTE is over rated and we think WiFI is going to be the future of mass communication for thousands of reasons but its primarily costs. Here 10 things we are researching while at CES and will provide live updates if you subscribe to our blog:

1) Tethering applications on smartphones through WiFi (similar to G2 Android phone)
2) Skype has a booth this year to promote VoIP
3) Google's plans to become a carrier and possibly buy T-Mobile or Sprint
4) Google's whitespace plans
5) Mobile TV
6) LTE phones
7) AT&T HSPA+ plans
8) Mobile location based advertising
9) Android tablets
10) More tablets

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