T-Mobile HSPA+ is Fast in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Hotel WiFi is Too Expensive & 4G Works Great

We are in Las Vegas for CES and have been testing out T-Mobile's HSPA+ on our G2 Android phone.  We have also been tethering our phone to the iPad and our Laptop PC without paying our hotel for the $19.95 per day WiFI pass.  Hotel owners in Las Vegas should be concerned about 4G eating away at their ridiculous fees for WiFi at $10-$20 per day.  4G is real if you have Sprint and T-Mobile today and it also looks like AT&T will soon be getting into the game with HSPA+ and Verizon with their LTE.  However, neither of these carriers will be very friendly about allowing you to tether your phone to create a WiFI hotspot similar to the MiFi.

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