Verizon iPhone 4 Is CDMA Not 4G LTE

Verizon iPhone is 3G NOT 4G LTE
Sorry Verizon customers but you are going to be stuck on 3G for another 2 years if you decide but the dated iPhone 4 that will only work on CDMA and not LTE.  Verizon has been hyping their new 4G LTE network but yet still come out touting the availability of their new iPhone 4.  Who really cares and does the Verizon iPhone even matter now that the iPad tablet is becoming form factor to view content?  7-12 inches of screen space is ideal for content and we predict that smartphones will soon be a thing of the past as the tablet computing wave is in full force.  Verizon analysts are predicting that 15M units will be sold.  I would short this prediction today and won't be surprise to see Apple's and Verizon stock to sell off sharply on this news.  So if you are a sucker and at the end of your contract and must have the iPhone from Verizon.  Go get it in February.

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