Price of Motorola Xoom Tablet

Is $600 - $800 is too Expensive?
Is the Price of the Motorola Xoom too expensive?  $800 for a unknown, first generation tablet from Motorola just doesn't make any sense when the Apple iPad WiFi only version is priced at $500.  It seems like a terrible marketing error to do this without the firepower of someone like Google or Apple behind it.  Just because its a Verizon tablet doesn't lend it any more credibility and actually hurts the brand in my opinion.  Technically everything about the device is very appealing except for the fact I don't want to pay extra for a CDMA or GSM chip to connect to the cellular networks. A cheap WiFi only chip is just fine because tethering a WiFi only tablet to your existing smartphone data plan is easy.   If it was 4G I might consider it but its not.  The most appealing aspect about this device is that it is built on Google's Android operating system.  I have been waiting for a Android tablet for a long time but this one is too expensive.  I am disappointed that Motorola and Google did not jointly collaborate on the pricing of this device because it hurts the Google Android tablet brand a bit.   I will be patient because there are many other cheap Android tablets priced from $150 - $500 on Amazon already.

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