Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 Inch vs 7 Inch

Samsung release its news Galaxy Tab, which has a larger, 10.1" screen plus a few other useful new features. The tablet runs on the latest version of Android operating system 3.0 (Honeycomb). The Galaxy Tab 10.1 also incorporates surround sound speakers and plus a high resolution rear facing camera at 8 MP and 2 MP front facing camera for video chat. It has a dual core processor and 3G HSPA+ options in addition to WiFi. Storage will be 16 or 32 GB capacities.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 will NOT be launching immediately in the U.S., and Samsung isn't saying yet when it will be available in the States and on which carrier if any.  There is no word on pricing but it seems that the $500 price point is stick that the iPad is setting. Read more on the Business Insider.

Samsung is also ditching their 7-inch screen size on future Galaxy Tabs. At Mobile World Congress the company revealed that none of their Samsung Galaxy Tabs are going to be a 7-inch devices.  This might be disappointing for a few of the Galaxy Tab early adopters who enjoyed the hand holding experience for ease of typing.   Read more

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