Diamondbacks Free WiFi at Chase Field?

Twitter Chat at MLB Game Phoenix Chase Field
Its opening day of Major League Baseball and I thought it might be timely to look at what the various baseball stadiums around the US are doing to improve the in game experience for fans. For people like me with attention deficit disorder (ADD) having another excuse to bring your iPad or smartphone to the game is awesome. Will the network be open to other applications besides MLB's At Bat 11 iPad App?  For the price fans pay to sit in the seats WiFi had better be free or I can assure you that it will slap management in face.  AT&T just installed free WiFi Atlanta Braves and Minnesota Twins and I anticipate other stadiums will be required to follow in their footsteps as the groundswell demand builds across the league.

Please provide feedback the wireless service at Deadcellzones.com by putting a pins in our map around the stadium with your comments.  Type in the following address: 401 East Jefferson Street, Phoenix, AZ and submit your comments.  Add your comments and carrier Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon or other carrier which includes WiFi.

You have to admit that sitting through nine innings is pretty boring unless you are stuffing your face or drinking beer.  Working, chatting friends on Facebook and talking trashing about opposing players on Twitter just got a little more interesting if you can truly stay connected during the game with fast and reliable WiFi reception.  Stadiums in the past have suffered from network congestion and it looks like AT&T and the Diamondback's management are trying to improve service at the stadium.  Will the enhanced WiFi and cell coverage at the stadium work well in time for the All Star game this July?

AT&T and the Arizona Diamondbacks have installed more wireless technology at Chase stadium to improve WiFi reception. The teams is partnering on a free application Wi-Fi users can download to watch game replays and highlights and track game and player stats on their phones. D-backs President Derrick Hall said that will include replays of controversial calls that might not be shown on the stadium’s giant video scoreboard In June, the team hopes to add a remote ordering system to that application, allowing fans to order concessions from their seats and then pick them up via an express line.

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