RIM Betting the Farm on Playbook Tablet

The management team of Research in Motion is "betting the farm" on their new tablet "Playbook".  After listening to the earnings call today it is apparent that the company is overly confident about their corporate customers who are willing to buy tens of thousands of tablet devices for their employees.  There was no discussion on the call about phones and it was all about tablets.  Executives sounded overly confident without the Playbook product out in the market place.  This seems a bit overly optimistic to me without having a vibrant developer community to create applications for the platform.  The management team is touting the Playbook as a super high-performance tablet and hope to get developers and clients who will buy the tablet quickly.  iPad and Android tablets are selling millions of tablets and have thousands of developers in their community.  However, they did announce today that the Android application will work on the QNX platform which is a smart move.

I thought the hyped days of "high performance" "enterprise app" sales pitches and security were over?  I think Research in Motion is making a grave mistake trying to position their "QNX" operating system platform for enterprises because they will quickly lose interest from developers and fall behind.  Security and encryption is an overly hyped selling point that RIM has relied on in the past to secure data.  There are very few people in the world that need this level of security besides the President of the United States and a few executives.  Tablets are about ease of use and push-button community without a keyboard.  This is exactly the opposite of the "keyboard" culture that Research in Motion has developed over the last decade.  I wish them luck but think their best strategy would be to develop off of the Android operating system or they will quickly continue to lose market share.  

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