RIM Hurt by Android & iPhone Growth

Research in Motion stock was off 10% in after hours after the earnings call and will likely continue to slide.  The handset manufacturer is getting killed by competitors Apple iPhone and Google Android.  It also doesn't help the T-Mobile and AT&T will be merger that will continue to put a squeeze on margins going forward.  Research in Motion had a great decade of growth due to the adoption of corporate email and messaging.  However, now that iPhone and Android phones have adopted keyboard functionality and a deeper offering applications Rim has started to fall behind quickly.  Corporate customers have been the strong hold of the $RIMM for a long time but now that employees are being allowed to purchase phones on their own this will hurt their business.  Blackberry phones are not cool anymore and now that iPhone and Android phones can be provisioned for corporate use this will continue to hurt their market share.  Rimm is also behind the curve on the tablet business even though they have started to offer their "Playbook" which will be a could be a huge part of the corporate world.  However, I am afraid to say that Research in Motion is starting to look a lot like Nokia and may eventually need to think about merging with a company like Microsoft.  

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