Will the iPhone 5 Be 4G HSPA+?

iPhone 5 Will Be HSPA+ 4G?
Apple announced today their Worldwide Developer Conference will be June 6 and there are many question if it will debut the iPhone 5 at this event.  If it does happen to announce the iPhone 5 it will probably follow with the product launch in the fall before the Holiday shopping season in October.  The biggest question is whether a thin phone like this above in the picture will actually have enough room to to house a LTE 4G antenna or a simple upgrade to HSPA+?  We all know about the iPhone death grip problem in the latest version.  To fix the iPhone reception problem it requires a case or rubber bumper.   The other questions remain will it be available exclusively to AT&T or Verizon?  The biggest question of all is where is 4G available?

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