Apple & Google: You Can Track Me If Wireless is Free?

Millions of Consumers Will Opt-In To GPS Tracking for Free Wireless!
Would you opt-in to GPS phone tracking 100% of the time if cellular or wireless broadband were free?  A class action lawsuit was filed against Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) which I think is ridiculous. Free ad support wireless is the future of the internet and wireless and the only reason Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) and Apple are tracking you is to serve up a more relevant mobile ad of customized content.  Apple filed a patent application  in 2009 that shows that the company wants to use your GPS history of location data to display relevant content as well.  

This isn't a bad thing in my opinion and the class action law suit is unwarranted.  If you have nothing to hide and think this is actually a great thing for consumers.  Millions of consumers would be willing to use the service that could save them thousands of dollars per year.  Applications like Google Places run off of GPS to track where you are in order to serve up restaurants, gas stations, stores and points of interest near your location. 

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