How to Make Free Facebook VoIP Phone Calls

T-Mobile Bobsled Now Competes With Skype

Finally, Facebook comes out with a VoIP solution that competes with Skype. Anyone who downloads the Free Bobsled Facebook plugin can place voice calls to their friends through Facebook & Voice Chat with just one click. The easy browser plugin makes it quick and simple to place a quick phone call on your computer to friends.  It takes about a minute to install direction in your browser tools.  The app is a huge productivity enhancer and eliminates the need to remember phone numbers or have a phone book of numbers. Simply click on a friend’s name to start the conversation. All calls are free from a PC to Mac or a Mac to PC regardless of where you are connecting around the World.

How will T-Mobile and Facebook make money from Bobsled?  Eventually, T-Mobile and Facebook will be selling advertising against the phone calls which sounds like a great trade-off to me.  We also think that ad supported wireless services will soon be following.   Voice revenue for carriers is declining year over a year very quickly and data revenue is increasing. Other VoIP companies competing with Bobsled include Skype, Fring, Nimbuzz, Truphone and Jajah, which also use Facebook to make Free VoIP Internet calls on Facebook.

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