Phones With Wi-Fi Sharing?

Wi-Fi sharing or tethering is becoming popular for mobile phone users but you won't hear it advertised.  Among the industry its one of this things you don't promote for fear of cannibalizing your revenue stream on additional devices.  Tethering s a great tool for travelers or workers on the go who don't want to subscribe to multiple data plans on multiple devices.  Traditionally people have purchased expensive 3G or 4G data cards from one of the carriers.  However, if you travel infrequently it doesn't make sense to buy it.  Some carriers have offered MiFi hotspot devices as well but these are expensive as well and require a separate data plan.  Here is how you tether your phone and avoid paying for an additional data plan.  Be careful when you do this and make sure you are on an unlimited data plan and some carriers like AT&T might charge you a fee of $20 per month for tethering which is ridiculous.  They claim that some of the iPhone applications are unauthorized for tethering. Please add any phones we might be missing to the list.  

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