Radio Shack Gets Punched by T-Mobile

Radio Shack Gets Black Eye From T-Mobile
First of all I love Lance Armstrong but I am sad that he is working with a company that acts like morons.  Radio Shack is in a dispute with T-Mobile because it wants more money for adding no value to the activation service of phones of pre-paid and post-paid phones.  In Radio Shack's (NYSE: RSH) quarterly earnings release the company blamed T-Mobile for its poor sales and a 30% drop in profits.  Waa!!!

I don't have any respect for a company which blames others for its own problems and Radio Shack is a horribly run company that is impossible to work with.  Radio Shack has 1,450 locations including Target Radio Shack kiosks.   I have dealt with Best Buy Mobile and Amazon Wireless executives over the last 10 years and they are all sharp by comparison.  However, Radio Shack's management team is not impressive at all and very stuck in the 1900's of doing business.  I wouldn't be surprised to see a management shake up soon.

Would Lance Armstrong blame his bike manufacturers for not winning a race? I would be embarrassed if I was Radio Shack for not thinking out of the box and adding value to its customers in the buying process.  How about providing retail coverage maps in your kiosks powered by  

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