Sprint 4G MiFi Hotspot

Novatel's (NVTL) new 3G / 4G MiFi has is now available from Sprint (S) by internet order and mail until April 17th when Sprint stores will have it available. The Mifi mobile hotspot will cost $79.99 and the monthly data plan will cost you a whopping $49.95 per month.   The battery should last running for 4 hours and has 60 hours of standby time.  Download speeds of 3-10 mbps or and upload speeds are much slower likely around 1 mbps.   Its a compact device that is capable of using the 3G/4G network depending on where you are. It will connect up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices smartphones, iPads, eReaders, laptops or gaming consoles.  Competitor Verizon Novatel MiFi device on Amazon sells for $299 and its only 3G and much slower with a similar monthly data plan price.  Sprint also sells a Sierra Wireless 3G / 4G mobile Mifi hotspot for $58.00. Clearwire also has a number of Wimax hot spots data cards and products Cradlepoint Mobile Router which sells for $105 and its data upload speeds will likely be similar with possibly cheaper data plans.

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