Why are MetroPCS's Rate Plans Complicated?

This data plan is way too confusing for potential customers and will likely frustrate new customers who might be interested in switching carriers.  The rule of thumb for any discount retailer is to Keep it Simple Stupid or the KISS method for marketing.  There is nothing about this rate plan posted on the MetroPCS website that is simple.  Give me one rate plan or data plan at a single price.  

MetroPCS pricing at $40-$60 for unlimited data is pretty compelling if you like any of their phones.  Metro PCS is also one of the first discount carriers to offer LTE 4G and its CDMA network how it has to be one of the worst marketing companies in the history of telecom.  Read MetroPCS marketing needs help!  I can't understand any of their commercials and their marketing materials are built by morons.  Does MetroPCS not understand who they are marketing their products and services to?   I would hope that someone in their marketing department reads this and takes action immediately.   We would like to help promote your service but cannot possibly do this with your complicated offer.  

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