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In today's world media conglomerate World, it's very hard to compete against the big brand that throws millions of dollars to control eyeballs and advertising budgets.  However, with niche marketing and content discovering on the Internet, it is easy to find yourself enlightened as you discover new blogs not promoted by the mainstream media.  Google relies heavily on monetizing search terms because they imply intent.  However, StumbleUpon does a great job of helping you discover things you might like even though you didn't have any intent to buy it or read about it.

Deadzones.com (82% of the World is a Dead Zone) is a perfect example of our content being loved by readers because our views on telecom and wireless are quite controversial and not seen in the mainstream media.  We are often referred by the telecom industry as the contrarian view of wireless telecom and take hard stances on the corruption and mass marketing deception that the industry promotes.  AT&T and Verizon control the advertising budgets of just about every media outlet and therefor just about every person is "on the take" except us. This phenomenon makes it almost impossible to be heard by the masses without a groundswell of social media support.

We have been using the StumbleUpon tool for about a year to discover new websites, as well as help people, find our controversial blog posts blog.photoenforced.com and deadzones.com.  Our StumbleUpon referral traffic continues to grow and I continue to get new Stumble Upon followers who are interested in the unique niche content that we offer.  One explanation for this was when Digg.com did a makeover of their site and seemed to anger a core user base.  The other website discovery tool competitor Reddit.com seems to a finicky audience and its difficult to use the tool at times.

Stumble Upon Mobile App
StumbleUpon.com was purchased by eBay (Ticker: EBAY) for $75M in 2007 and everyone thought the tool would get buried by the huge company with PayPal making the bulk of the company's revenue.  However, the StumbleUpon.com user base and traffic continues to grow nicely for niche web sites and might someday make some money for eBay.  StumbleUpon is increasingly becoming a great tool for iPad, Android, and iPhone mobile users who might not have been directly searching for a product, idea, or tip but find it serendipitously while browsing.  The one-click StumbleUpon Mobile App is great if you don't feel like typing.

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