Femtocells for Dummies Book

Femtocells may well change the shape and operation of mobile networks over the next decade. These small network devices combine the functionality of a 3G mobile cell tower, broadband and WiFi hotspots all in one. Femtocells will be available from over 20 carriers. Femtocells are not sold in a normal retail environment yet and must be sold in along with a mobile phone operator because they use licenced spectrum. Initially, they are likely to be subsidised as part of a package deal. This 2nd edition of the Femtcoll Primer book explains the technology, key femtocell vendors, suggests new business models.  The book also written in Japanese by David Chambers describes how the Femtocell telecom system works and covers the following topics:
  • What problems do femtocells solve?
  • How do femtocells apply to different mobile phone technologies?
  • Overview of the femtocell system architecture
  • How femtocell phone calls are made and connected to the main network
  • Uncovers what hardware and chips are inside a femtocell
  • How a network operators ship and activate femtocells customers
  • Technical issues that concern network operators 
  • Standards involved in a femtocell system
  • What femtocells can do for business 
  • How can network operators justify femtocells
  • New business cases for femtocell deployment
  • Why coffee shops and retail are unlikely to have femtocells
  • Why domestic femtocells are not viable in developing countries

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