Google +1 is Awesome

Google +1 is Awesome!

Google +1 has been in beta for a few months and will be formally launching tomorrow according to CNET.  For those Google early adopters savvy  enough to figure out how to use Plus One in beta, love it!  Google plus one allows you to tag or add a links to your home page for search results that you think are appropriate or like for the search result.  This helps consumers improve their navigation experience when logged into their Google account because it remembers your search history of previous web sites that you liked.  Why is this important?  The days of bookmarking web sites are over I think and +1 will become the new tool for Google users to remember their favorite sites, blog posts and places they have visited.

As crowdsourcing curation starts to get adopted by Google, lets just hope the +1 tool isn't gamed by "content farms" like Demand Media who will certainly try and game the system. You would think that Google is one step ahead of this and has figured out a way to algorithmically track mediocre content that is being artificially lifted by new SEO tactics.

Here is a my Google Plus One page of links I like and you can follow my Google Profile on Google Buzz.  As you can see there is not need to categorize the links I liked because they show up when I type in search results.  This search feature will become increasing more important to minimize typing as more navigation is done on mobile phones.  Minimal typing on the phone is best and these links can be used to also customize ads towards my preferences.  I think plus one will also become a easy to use tool to share information similar to Facebook's like button or Twitter.  However, the following or sharing feature will need to improve because the Google Buzz user experience has not been perfected yet.  Other companies like Digg and Stumble Upon will also feel Google's competitive pressure as the Plus One button gets integrated into more publisher web sites. 

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