Problem Viewing Our Map in Internet Explorer

We have had a few complaints from our loyal contributors trying to view and add dead zone complaints to our map on using Internet Explorer.  Here are some solutions to the problem.  Use other browsers like Firefox, Chrome or Safari and it will work fine.  However, if you insist on using Microsoft Internet Explorer you will need to change your Security settings in your browser.  For some reason Internet "Exploder" restricts the use of iFrames on web sites for developers.  Adjust your security settings below by looking for the following:

IFrames will not work on IE 7 or 8 by default.  Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Security Tab -> Custom Level for security zone. Scroll down about half way down and you will find the 'Launching programs and files in an IFrame (not secure)' option, select 'Enable'. This should allow Iframes to show up. This setting is enabled by default in IE6 but not in 7 or 8.

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