Ubiquisys Femtocell Super Grid CDN

What is Ubiquisys's new Super Grid?  It is essentially a cellular Content Distribution Network or CDN using Femtocells.  Intelligent small femtocells that work together to create a new generation of an ad-hoc cellular network that deals with interference and macrocells. Demand for mobile data is rising exponentially and small cells installed in homes, enterprises and public spaces can provide the capacity to boost coverage required.  See this video below of Chris Gilbert, CEO of Ubiquisys explaining the concept and high-speed cellular technology.

Ubiquisys is a femtocell developer of 3G and LTE intelligent cells. Ubiquisys is collaborating with Texas Instruments (NYSE: TI) and Intel (NYSE: INTC) to develop a new generation of small cells designed to meet the strong growth in mobile data consumption. These small cells will self-organize to minimize interference and be adaptive to the macro network at a fraction of the cell tower costs.

This proliferation of small cellular and WiFi nodes creates new opportunities and challenges for ISPs and wireless broadband providers. These small cells have abundant storage to serve up local media and advertising. Service providers can now transform indoor mobile data dead zones into media experiences. New local advertising opportunities will soon have a content distribution network for serving data-intensive local content locally.

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