What Are The Top Searches on Smartphones?

Its not surprising to see restaurants #2 and maps #3 as the top categories for searches on mobile phones.  However, news at #1 has me stumped as the top spot.  Are people really searching for news or are they simply using the Google News page and clicking on links.  Entertainment comes in at #4 while shopping #5, sports #6 and games #7.  I would have expected travel at #10 and finance #11 to be much higher.  It would be very interested to see how these mobile searches correlate to Google mobile ad eCPMs.  Google is banking on location based search becoming the next multi-billion dollar business and these search categories will have to start converting mobile ads into customers for advertisers.  Read the full story from SearchEngineLand.com about Apple Renews Maps Deal With Google — What’s Up With That?

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