Why Does Apple Charge $30 for the Mac OS X Lion Upgrade CD?

Is Apple missing the mobile browser computing trend?  Apple wants you to pay another $30 to upgrade your Mac from Snow Leopard to Lion OS X.  Isn't it strange that Apple wants you to go to the store to buy another physical CD and charge you $30 when they have a beautiful new data center in North Carolina?   Apple has always charged for operating system upgrades as they did $29.99 for the Snow Leapard upgrade.  Snow Leapard was a minor improvement and they continue to use an old school business model of charging for software upgrades and seem to be missing the boat on browser computing.  

Why wouldn't they make the operating system available for download again in your beautiful new data center that will be hosting iCloud services soon?  Wouldn't you think that Apple might test their data center capacity and allow their customers to download the update versus going to a store to purchase the CD?  

All of the new IOS features (Gizmodo) that Apple announced seemed to be simply catching up with Android or Google Services that can be easily used with a Chrome browser on any computer without operating system upgrades.    The only thing that seemed unique was tighter Twitter integration into the operating that seems somewhat trivial.  MobileMe was a failure for Apple and now they are hoping that users will sync messages, email, documents and pictures across multiple devices.   When will software updates finally end because there isn't a day that goes by when my iPad isn't offering me an annoying application update.  

It surprises me that Apple continues to push their operating system without pushing harder into netbooks .  Google's $20 Per Month Chrome Net Books seems to be a few years ahead of Apple with regards to cloud computing.  Apple is clearly losing ground to Google and lacks a vision of providing users what they really want.  Netbooks that access and use the cloud exclusively for operating system upgrades.  Lets hope that Apple soon comes out with a netbook of their own.  

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