Where Does Your iPhone Drop Calls?

Dropped iPhone calls are one of the most annoying things about our new smartphones.  iPhones are convenient for mobile computing but they are increasingly becoming a challenge to talk on reliably.  There are just too many wireless consumers, trying to use smartphones in the same locations.  iPhone users are competing for coverage access on the same tower.  AT&T experienced this problem firsthand when they started selling the iPhone many years ago.  Now that Verizon Wireless is selling the iPhone, its customers are starting to experience more dropped calls as well.  The survey should look a lot different in 2012 because it is our belief that Verizon's network is starting to suffer now that they have the iPhone.  Our complaint volume for Verizon has increased significantly in 2011 and this correlates with the launch of the Verizon CDMA iPhone.

Where Does Your Phone Drop Calls The Most?
 In My Home
 At The Office
 In the Car


Over the last 10 years, we have been running the website deadcellzones.com and we are surprised to see that cell phone coverage is actually getting worse.  We would appreciate your feedback on the survey above and let us know where you drop calls the most.  Please submit additional locations' feedback below.

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