New Android Ice Cream Sandwich Features

Google Ice Cream Sandwich is Android's Answer to the latest iPhone

List of new features on Google's new Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS.  
  1. Face recognition unlock phone technology
  2. Google+ with hangout & messenger technology
  3. Panoramic photos built into camera
  4. Time lapse photo features built into camera 
  5. Live effects for changing photos 
  6. Galaxy Nexus will be Google's featured phone from Samsung
  7. Respond to a call by swiping a quick message text 
  8. Improved fonts 
  9. NFC Near Field Communications aka "Beam" 
  10. Real time text for voice to text input aka "Siri" 
  11. Better copy, paste, drag and drop by holding down power & volume buttons
  12. Improved notifications
  13. Recent apps for better multi-tasking
  14. Data usage notifications and graphs for each application

While we discover new features, please enjoy looking at this tasty desert below.  The SDK is now out and available for developers to start working on their applications.  

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