No T-Mobile iPhone a Blessing in Disguise?

No iPhone's A Blessing for T-Mobile Customers
T-Mobile USA management has long made it known that it has wanted to sell the recently released iPhone 4S. Apple flirted with the idea of granting T-Mobile access to the latest installment of its beloved iPhone series but, despite awarding Sprint the rights to the smartphone, chose to not let T-Mobile sell the phone.  Is this a blessing in disguise for T-Mobile customers, as other carriers struggling to handle the huge amount of data traffic and network congestion from iPhone customers?  iPhone slow on Sprint, iPhone slow on Verizon or choosing a carrier for iPhone 4S.

To add insult to injury, regional carrier C Spire, formerly Cellular South, recently began offering the iPhone on its network, likely leaving the brass at T-Mobile bewildered and their customers frustrated.  T-Mobile’s desire to obtain the iPhone is understandable – the 4S which went on sale on October 14, sold 4 million units in the first three days on sale. These numbers broke all previous records and secured the iPhone 4S’s status as the most popular Smartphone on the market.

However, all is not lost for T-Mobile USA customers looking to take advantage of all the perks the iPhone has to offer. Apple offers an unlocked version of the iPhone 4S – this means that the phone isn’t SIM-locked to any particular wireless carrier. Thus, T-Mobile customers can purchase mini SIM cards from T Mobile to insert into their iPhone. Millions of T-Mobile customers are jail breaking the iPhone 4.  Unfortunately, the unlocked phones aren’t compatible with T-Mobile’s speedy HSPA 3G+ network and users will therefore have to be content with the old 3G network instead.

Predictably, the unlocked phones don’t come cheap. The 16GB version is being sold by Apple for $650 a pop, the 32GB version for $750, and the 64GB for $850. Despite these obstacles, T-Mobile enjoys more than a million iPhone customers, an impressive feat for a carrier that doesn’t even carry the iPhone. Alternatively, you can hope that AT&T is successful in their bid to take over T-Mobile. That would make things a whole lot easier.

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