Cool New Features of the iPhone 4s

Cool New Features of the iPhone 4s 
While the press conference for the release of the latest incarnation of the iPhone was less than enthralling, there were some important product features and services which got serious upgrades. The social media site Mashable reported that the device will retail for the normal amount, $199 for 16gb, and will now be available on three different carriers. Here are some more specs about the new device:

More Power

As expected, the new iPhone 4s will be much more powerful than its predecessors. It will have a dual core processor and dual core graphics which will make gaming an even more exciting experience. It will come equipped with the new A5 chip and have a gig of RAM. Vice President of Apple Phil Schiller said that the new iPhone will be up to seven times faster than the current incarnation of the device.

A Better Camera

There will be even more reason for aspiring photographers to purchase the new iPhone 4s. It is reported to have an 8-megapixel camera that will take shots up to 60 percent larger than before. There will also be a face detector which will allow for better focused pictures. All of the apps with unique photo filters, borders, and effects will become much more relevant.


Remember when Blackberry and other PDA systems were the most innovative ways to organize your information? The times have drastically changed and you no longer have to keep your information stored in those clunky mobile devices. With the use of voice recognition technology, Apple will introduce Siri along with the new iPhone 4s. By speaking into the device you can send personalized text messages, perform phone number lookup, remind yourself of errands, and pay bills. Siri essentially lets you perform actions on your phone without even touching it.


With the addition of Sprint as a carrier of the iPhone 4s, all major carriers are now involved in Apple's smartphone strategy. Users of Sprint carriers should be a little weary because the company has had to invest so much money into the purchase of the product. Sprint gives another option for consumers, but with Verizon and AT&T having so much market share, will people be willing to shift service plans? Some of these new features seem like things that only techies will be interested in. If you absolutely need to get your hands on the latest Apple product, it will be on pre-order on October 7th. If you are looking to save money or don't have an upgrade option coming up soon, you should stick with your current model.

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