Google+ Mobile App Drains Phone Battery

I have talked with several people who have recently been experiencing iPhone and Android smartphone issues with the recent Google+ mobile app.  After installing the Google+ app their phone battery life mysteriously drains very quickly.

Google+ has a lot of potentials and I like the application a lot on my computers but the phone still needs some work.  The instant photo upload feature is awesome on the phone over WiFi but the application drained the battery too much to keep it on my G2 phone.

Everyone I talked with removing all of the notification and instant upload settings on the phone but this did not solve the problem.  Therefore, there must be something more running underneath the application that users cannot control from the application settings.  I have also read several blog posts including this one that Google+ contributes to 37% of the phone battery drain.  Most applications on the phone take up around 10% of the battery drain so this is abnormally high.

If anyone has any further comments on the Google+ iPhone or Android battery issues please comment under our Google+ phone battery discussion or under the comments below.  We would like to be confident this issue is resolved before re-installing the app back on the phone. 

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