Verizon Droid 2 Upgrade Problems

The Verizon Droid 2 phone users are apparently having a lot of upgrade problems.  Phones are freezing while typing text messages and Verizon is aware of the issue.  Is this a Motorola, Android problem or a Verizon manufactured problem in order to get users to upgrade their phones and plans.  Verizon does not offer much help to even long time customers for a new phone or an upgrade.   Here is some discussion about the Droid 2 tech problems and bugs at Droid 2 discussion forum.  However, these discussion don't solve the problem for customers who just want their phone to work and are not tech savvy.

As usual going into a Verizon store is horrible great experience as their arrogance handicaps their ability to solve problems for customers.  Instead they would rather trick their customers into upgrading their phones when they don't want to.  The specific phones having problems are the Droid MOTA956 model.  

If you bark loud enough you will probably get a new phone sent to you.

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