Why Is T-Mobile Charging $15 Per Month for Tethering?

Question: I am a T-Mobile customer with a Blackberry 9700 . I have used my phone as a modem for my laptop without charge since I bought my phone two years ago. This is, in fact, one of the main reasons I chose that phone. Recently, T-Mobile has prevented me from using my phone as a tether, and now is charging $15/mo to do so. I feel that this is a violation of my contact. (The best analogy I can think of is if they started charging a $1 per picture you took with your phone.) In looking around the web to see if others have complained about this, I came across your website. I am wondering whether you know of anyone who has complained about this change and what, if anything, they were were able to do.

Answer:  If you were grandfathered into the plan an old T-Mobile Blackberry plan paying $30 per month than you should be able to keep tethering for free.  However, all new Blackberry customers now must pay $30 per month plus the additional charge of $15 per month for tethering.

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