Smartphones that are More Fragile than Others

While most smartphones are very useful, all of them are fragile. Carrying a smartphone can be fun and convenient but it also requires that you handle it with care. Smartphones generally have larger screens, so a drop, crash or hit can affect it more severely than on any other type of cell phone. Even so, there are a few smartphones that are even more fragile than others and especially older more durable phones.

The iPhone 4 Recent studies made by FourSquare have shown the iPhone 4 to be the most fragile of all iPhones. This is because of the larger glass screen size. The functionality of this iPhone 4 is outstanding, with features like the ability to easily take credit cards for businesses; its physical design requires a great deal of care.

To compensate for this issue, you can use some inexpensive options from Apple like a vinyl skin or protector to keep the iPhone from becoming damaged should it fall. There are many cases available to fit the needs of every consumer today, providing more functionality from a phone.

The Samsung Intercept While the Samsung Intercept doesn’t necessarily have broken screen issues (although it can happen), this phone does have some very noticeable issues. The voice quality seems to be decent, but it takes a long time to press buttons and the phone tends to freeze often. The interface is very slow, which in turn causes the phone to turn off. The smartphone applications are difficult to install because of the slow operating system.

Samsung SGH-D807 Although this is a great phone with great smartphone capabilities and outstanding sound quality, it does have a slippery keypad and can easily slip out of your hand. Again the solution is to use a special skin or protector.

Because all smartphones have large screens they are more prone to breakage. Some of the newer smartphones are compensating for issues such as this by manufacturing the phone with rubber backings. This gives the phone a slight bounce effect before it hits the floor or hard surface and protects it a little better. Still just as a laptop is more fragile than a desktop, so is a smartphone than a regular mobile.

Most smartphones are well made with operating systems that are reliable and applications that are easily installed. Still the use of a smartphone should be reserved for people that need important business applications like mobile credit card processing, mobile cloud computing capabilities and sharing features allowed through Bluetooth and wireless technology.

Smartphones are all about making life and business processes more convenient, and easy to use from any location, but they do require special accessories to keep them safe from damage.

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