How Many iPhone Users Does China Mobile Have?

iPhone 6 for China Mobile?

Is a low cost iPhone 6 coming later this year to open up the China market?  China Mobile has more than 700 million customers and is plowing $7 billion this year into building a new 4G  network to retain supremacy.  China Mobile already had 15M iPhone 5 subscribers without directly selling Apple's handset last year.  How many subscribers will they have if they launched a lower cost version?

On Apple's conference call, Tim Cook said the following:
  • Revenue came in at $8.8B up 18% in China.  
  • iPads grew at 130% YOY.  
  • Greater china revenue was up approximately 18%.  
  • iPhone 5 just launched in December
  • iPhone 4 shows significant as it is more affordable.
  • Samsung is a tough competitor in hardware
  • Google is a tough competitor on the operating system side.  

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