Wow Oovoo Has 75M Users & Growing Fast

How many people have heard of Oovoo?  Not me until I met the team at CTIA in Las Vegas today.  Impressive story and growth for the company providing one to many video chat.  Apparently, there are much better alternatives FaceTime, Skype and Google Chat.  Oovoo's primary user base is in the US and their customers are using the service on 3G, 4G and WiFi.  This is not an alternative to voice so the carriers are beginning to look at Oovoo as an obvious data bundling partner to sell additional data plans.
Oovoo's secret sauce is their cloud based video service vs. competitors like Skype which uses peer to peer.  P2P can run into quality issues managing bandwidth where Oovoo's video service in the cloud does a better job of managing bandwidth amongst the various users.  The service is advertising based and free to the users. 
Key questions I still have are how much data does this service use? 
What are the tools to help measure and manage usage for users to avoid the huge data bill? 
Thanks again for the ride to the CTIA convention center on the bus. 

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