Will RadioShack Go Out of Business?

It looks like Radio Shack is probably going out of business and will be filing for bankruptcy soon.  My assumption is based on the current stock price falling near $1, the Target mobile phone kiosk deal closing and 1000+ retail stores closing as well.  Did Lance Armstrong start this company down a path of destruction?  

I am been claiming for over a decade the retail mobile phone stores add zero value to the mobile phone sale.  They should been provide retail cell phone coverage map showing choices of who has the best coverage in there area.  They could also provide solutions like femtocells to fix problems.  Instead they buy into the same coverage map propaganda and don't give consumers any help in making a purchasing decision other than price discounts.  Radio Shack is not the only one to blame.  Best Buy is just as bad providing no value and look what they have done in the mobile space.  Nothing as well.  

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