Why Are AT&T & Verizon Throttling Your Netflix Usage?

Are You Seeing A Message Like This While Watching Video on AT&T or Verizon Wireless?

Apparently, Netflix has recently begun paying both Comcast and Verizon to improve network performance and carry its video streams at higher bandwidths, but so far only Comcast has reciprocated with better service. Not only has Verizon’s performance become dramatically worse, the company has continued to try and foist the blame for the problem on Netflix, claiming that the online streaming giant is deliberately degrading performance by attempting to stuff data down specific congested Verizon pipes.

If you are streaming via wireless, you might want to check your data plan and usage.  You wireless carrier might be throttling your data usage.  Here is a video that shows using a VPN that data rates are faster proving that some sort of throttling is going on.  If you want to understand the technical details behind the issue read this article.

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