13% of US Wireless Consumers Consider Service Excellent

If 13% of US wireless customers consider their service excellent and only 15% of US mobile users use mobile Web . . . Why are carriers spending all of their money on applications we are not going to use? Voice is still the killer application and only we only have 69% market penetration in the US or 207.9 mln wireless users. 54.1 mln Americans use Cingular, 51.3 mln - Verizon.

Carrier Priorities: TV or Perfect Cell Coverage?

Are carriers puting their dollars and sense in the minds of their customer? What is the real value of watching TV on your phone and who is really going to pay for it? I wish carriers would spend more money on improving their customer service and coverage personally. Mobile measurement company Telephia, reports that roughly 3 million wireless subscribers in the U.S. streamed TV or played video content on their mobile devices in Q4 2005. Subscribers between the age 18-24 have the highest penetration for mobile TV and video usage with 3.3%.

Chinese Mobile Phone Usage Three Times Bigger than Web Use

 China has over 363 million mobile phone users according to CNNIC. This number is greater than the next three nations combined with the US posting 180 million mobile users, Japan 88 million, and Germany 69 million. In addition, the US seriously lags when it comes to cell phone technology usage. Do you think text messaging and ring tones are cool? The Chinese will scoff at you. While we struggle with dropped calls in “dead zones,” they play games, post to their personal blogs, and access the Internet – all from their cell phones. They also text message constantly: in 2004, 652 text messages per phone were sent versus 139 sent per phone in the US.

180.5 million U.S. cell phone users last year

 180.5 million last year, up 21.7 million from the year before. In five years it is projected more than half of phone users in the United States will use their mobile phone as their primary phone. 40 percent of calls made from home are on a cell phone.

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