Consumer Cellular Coverage Maps

Consumer Cellular is a prepaid wireless MVNO that operates on AT&T's & T-Mobile's LTE, UMTS, GSM networks.

Consumer Cellular Coverage Maps on AT&T

Consumer Cellular is a prepaid wireless MVNO that operates on AT&T's & T-Mobile's LTE, UMTS, GSM networks.

Consumer Cellular is a wireless service provider that specializes in providing cellular service plans specifically designed for seniors and those who prefer affordable and straightforward wireless options. It was founded in 1995 and is based in the United States.

Consumer Cellular operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), which means it does not own its own network infrastructure but instead leases network coverage from major carriers, such as AT&T and T-Mobile in the United States. This allows Consumer Cellular to offer nationwide coverage and reliable service to its customers.

Consumer Cellular offers a range of cell phone plans with varying minutes, texts, and data allowances to cater to different usage needs. They provide flexible and affordable options, including no-contract plans that allow customers to change or cancel their plans without any penalties. Consumer Cellular also offers discounted rates for AARP members.

In addition to cell phone plans, Consumer Cellular offers a selection of smartphones and basic phones for purchase. They provide devices with senior-friendly features and easy-to-use interfaces, as well as compatibility with hearing aids.

One of the standout features of Consumer Cellular is their customer service, which is known for being highly rated. They offer personalized support, including phone-based customer service and in-store assistance at partnered retailers.

Overall, Consumer Cellular focuses on providing affordable and user-friendly wireless service options, with a particular emphasis on meeting the needs of seniors and those who prefer simplicity in their cellular plans.

This service is primarily marketed to seniors. This is the only AT&T MVNO that allows both LTE and voice, text, and data roaming.

You can purchase a Consumer Cellular SIM card, which can be done on the  website. Once you have the SIM card in your possession, you can either Activate a New Phone Number or Port Your Existing Phone Number.

You can change your plan any time, at no charge. You can also take advantage of our low-cost family plan that lets family members share minutes and enjoy free calls between all phones on the same Consumer Cellular account. It’s only $10 per month, per line added.
Consumer Cellular Data Plans Chart and Pricing

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