How to Add Map Shortcuts to Phone

Syndicated Maps Icon App Shortcuts

Here is an alternative to downloading our map apps in the iPhone and Android App Stores.  85% of mobile app users spend their time on only 5 mobile apps.  RIP app store!   Trying to compete with these apps unless you have unlimited development money and resources is virtually impossible.  Apps are very expensive and require hundreds of millions of dollars to develop at scale to maintain with all the updates.  Apps also don't always provide the bang for the buck on a return on the investment.  

All of our maps are free mobile friendly pages that can be easily bookmarked on your phone using a Safari browser on he iphone and Chrome browser on an Android phone.  These maps will never require a download and the home screen icon does nothing in the background unless you are using the app.  Its like a shortcut to a browser but on your phone and the icon is easy to find and quick to use with no sign-in required. These maps are all advertising supported.      

When you open the map it will automatically find your location and display data relevant to your area.  Each map has its own unique icon depending on which carrier you are interested in.  The default is all carriers but you can choose AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile or Tracfone below.  

Syndicated Maps has a network of 10 other public safety maps which you can easily find and add to your phone at the link above or by clicking on the phone apps screen shot above.  

Step 1 - Choose your map home screen page below. 

Report AT&T Coverage Problems Mobile App
Report AT&T Dead Zones Mobile App

Report Verizon Coverage Problems Mobile App
Report Verizon Dead Zones Mobile App

Report Sprint Coverage Problems
Report Sprint Dead Zones Mobile App

Report T-Mobile Coverage Problems
Report T-Mobile Dead Zones Mobile App

Report Tracfone Dead Zones Mobile App

Report Tracfone Dead Zones Mobile App

Step 2 - Swipe down to get this navigation bar on bottom of phone

Step 3 - Choose Map to Add to Home Screen 
(Each Carrier Has A Different Home Screen Icon)

Add Dead Zones Mobile App to Home Screen

Best Careers for Gadget Lovers

best job for app developers

A range of different gadgets have been around for a couple of decades now. Since their emergence, they have completely transformed the way that people communicate and entertain themselves. While devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops have become a necessity nowadays, they’re also something that can enhance people’s lives in many ways. There is both a technology and art behind such devices that people use on a daily basis that your average person wouldn’t know. On that note, here are some of the best careers for gadget lovers.

1) App Developer

These days, most cell phones, laptops, and tablets consist of a range of different apps. These applications perform several functions, depending on the purpose of the app. With this in mind, you could decide to go into making apps and come up with one of your own.

In order to become an app developer, you’ll need to start by getting the right training and developing specific skills. Some of them include knowing the principles of secure and stable software design, understanding the software development process, and having knowledge of two or more programming languages.

2) Engineer

One of the things that makes a phone amongst other electronics work is the circuit board. By becoming an engineer, you’d have the chance to design such alongside your own electronic circuits.

In order to become an engineer, you’d need to learn about the basics of engineering by getting a degree or self-teaching. If you decide to become a freelancer, getting a license and knowing how to use software like the CircuitStudio available from Altium could help you build your client list and credibility. The more knowledgeable you are, the better it should be for you.

3) Digital Marketing

Another job you could enjoy as a gadget lover is digital marketing. This is because most gadget users have access to the internet, and because of this, they’re a target for businesses. As a digital marketer, you’d be able to learn about as well as engage with tech lovers and users on a daily basis.

4) Game Developer

Another appealing career path for gadget lovers is to go into game design. This would be most appealing to those who enjoy playing games as well as the science behind making them. Becoming a game developer requires that you are great at math, get the right degree, and build a portfolio.

In terms of how difficult it is to become a game developer,  it depends on how much experience you have as well as what niche area you’re pursuing. The only downside to it is that there are often more people applying than there are jobs, so it can be quite competitive. However, once you get your fit into the door, you could be earning anywhere from $70K per year upwards.

As a gadget lover, there are tons of jobs out there that may appeal to you. It’s about finding your niche and being able to identify what makes you tick. In doing so, it’s possible that you’ll be able to find a career that satisfies your love for gadgets and pays the bills as well.

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