Cell Phone Tower Data Dumps Can Help Catch Bad Guys

The technique, known as a “Tower Dump,” allows law enforcement to request all call, text and data transmissions from any specific time period from a cell tower’s provider. Evidence from cellular devices plays a key role in data mining, an often overlooked use of digital evidence. By exporting information from multiple digital devices (such as call logs from multiple cellular phones or e-mails from computers) and importing that data into an analytical software package, investigators using data-mining techniques can diagram and visualize a criminal enterprise or a timeline of events. This graphical representation can make it easier for investigators to understand the complex relationships in a criminal enterprise or for a jury to understand criminal activity and the possible connections among offenders in a courtroom presentation.

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Top Cell Tower Lease Rates by State

Who Leases Cell Phone Towers Pie Chart
Carriers Leasing Cell Phone Tower Space
What is the value of leasing a property or cell tower these days in various states? Here are some lease rate ranges we have uncovered from various sources the internet and have sorted this list from most lucrative to least lucrative.  What is most interesting about the States ranked below is that the most expensive lease states have the worse Verizon Wireless 3G coverage.  Verizon Wireless is spending a lot of money on LTE and we think these are the areas they are focusing on first.  The rates below apply to locations that will have more than 1,000 calls or data connections per hour at peak times and would require multiple carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Clearwire, MetroPCS, Tracfone or another smaller regional carrier to be piggybacking on the same site.  Here is a list of what the rates could be ranked in order:

Massachusetts - $91K - $535K
New York - $30K to $535K
New Jersey - $39K - $514K
Maryland - $121K - $489K
Vermont - $92K - $412K
Arizona - $17K - $283K
New Hampshire - $158K - $412K
Pennsylvania - $23K - $331K
Florida - $20K - $310K
Georgia - $25K - $265K
Rhode Island - $27K - $290K
Virginia - $65K - $230K
Alabama - $25K - $226K
North Carolina - $23K - $206K
Alaska - $14K - $161K
Maine - $88K - $157K
West Virginia - $87K - $105K
Washington DC - $80K - $123K
South Carolina - $25K - $83K

Some of the variable determining lease rates include: Location, Cell Tower Type, Height, Latitude and Longitude, FCC Identification Number (if registered), Carriers on the Tower (if any), Owner of the Tower, Initial Owner/Developer of the Tower, Ground Lease Rate, Collocation Lease Rates

Too Many iPads & Apple Devices in a Classroom Can Cause Wifi Problems

Too Many iPads in Class Can Cause WiFi Problems

Use "Airplane Mode" to Fix The Problems When Devices Are Idle

I volunteered today in my sons 1st grade class and noticed a big problem with the WiFi in the classroom.  There were 41 devices simultaneously connected to the WiFI network.  12 of those devices were iPads and iPods that were "sleep mode" but they were connected to the network even though they were off and in the closet.  These devices were slowing the network down so much that the PCs stopped working in the class. 

26 of the other devices were Windows based PCs that have never previously had a problem connecting to the network until the Apple devices were introduced into the classroom.  I have also noticed this problem at home as well.  Whenever my network is running slow it always seems to improve when I put the 3 iPads and 1 iPod in my home on airplane mode.  

I think Apple needs to get smarter about managing multiple devices communicating on the same network.  The problem with changing devices into airplane mode in the classroom is that it makes the devices untraceable.   Network administrators are currently able to view devices if they are removed from the class room by tracing which Wifi network it connects to.  If anyone else is experiencing these issues please let me know.  

Why Can't Android Phones Receive iPhone Group Texts?

Does Anyone Know How To Reply Group Text On An Android Phone?

4G Network Speeds Compared

Not surprised to see all of the 4G false advertising commercials marketing to convince consumers that they have the fastest network. Also, 4G network pricing compared reveals that pricing is all over the map ranges from from $25 to $80 per month and some 4G networks don't work on cell phones.  Sprint is currently the only network with working 4G capabilities using their 4G WiMAX standard. T-Mobile HSPA+ 4G & AT&T HSPA+ 4G have upgraded their 3G network to support HSPA+ speeds which are capable of 4G network speeds around 21 Mbps. Phone Scoop created this chart comparing the upload and download speeds. The speed tests were performed at 6 different locations in Philadelphia, PA. In summary, T-Mobile came out the faster network hands down.

Our theory has always been its best to be a customer on a network where there are the fewest people. So if AT&T and Verizon each have 80M+ customers its probably a good idea to look at one of the smaller carriers like T-Mobile, Sprint / Clearwire, Tracfone, MetroPCS or one of the hundreds of regional or rural carriers. As always we would appreciate any commentary and feedback from users.  Right now T-Mobile is #1 and has the best 4G coverage on their network.

Unlimited Calling Plans with No Contract

Which Carriers Offer Unlimited Calling Plans with No Contract?

Until recently the prepaid or pay as you go carriers were the only companies playing in the no contract unlimited calling plan space.  T-Mobile USA has seen its growth stall in recent months as pre-paid discount cell phone service providers grab budget-conscious customers, and as AT&T and Verizon Wireless continue to target high-end users. T-Mobile is not the US's fourth-largest carrier is taking aim at both segments at we enter the holiday season with disruptive calling plans and two new Android phones. However, it’s the prepaid carriers Tracfone, MetroPCS and Leap who have the most to fear.

The T-Mobile “Even More Plus” plan, does not require a contract and includes an unlimited (data and voice) option for $80 a month and a voice-only unlimited plan for $50 a month. Keep in mind these offers will not help lower the cost of buying a new phone from them without a contract and works well if you are keeping your current phone.  These plans do allow users to pay for expensive smart phones over a 20 month period without interest; users who already have a handset can also take advantage without additional fees.

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