5 Uses of Hunting GPS That Will Surprise You

This is an era of technology with smartphones, and a lot of new devices coming every now and then. GPS is one of the most useful and amazing things for mankind. We all use GPS in our phones, car system, and even in smartwatches. We all use it to move ahead in the right direction. A GPS is an abbreviation for Global Positioning System. It is used to determine your location on the globe with the help of satellites. The GPS is made up of three parts: the satellites, ground stations, and receivers. It has definitely made our lives easier and prevents us from getting lost in an unknown place.

Our vehicles and smartphones do have GPS and stay with us all the time. But what if your battery dies or you lose your mobile phone? Suppose you go for a trek or hunting adventure. Now you are in the middle of nowhere and your phone dies, and you have no idea which direction to go next. What will you do to survive? Hence you should not solely depend on your smartphone devices. But Do not worry, here comes the handheld hunting GPS to the rescue. Smartphones indeed have brilliant technology and use, but it may not be reliable for your camps, treks, or hunting adventures. We will tell you five awesome uses of hunting GPS.

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●       The first main and most obvious function which it performs is tracking down your trail. It will show the direction towards the right path. It will tell you how far you are from home, public transportation road, or where your hunting ground is. It tells you everything about your location, including latitude and longitude. Most of the hunting GPS has a built-in compass, but if yours do not have it, then you must have a separate compass with you. As you would not want to go to the west when you have to go to the north, so do check your compass beforehand.

●       When you go hunting often, you may miss the perfect shot, or the death of the animal may not be on spot death. Hence, the animal may run away until it succumbs to its injuries. Therefore you might need to chase it further. Chasing by the trail of its blood may not be easy. Hence you can use your hunting GPS for finding your way to another hunting ground. It will help you navigate through different parts or hunting grounds and even come back to the original spot.

●       A big use of hunting GPS is for scouting. When you are in the middle of nowhere or when you enter into an unfamiliar land, you can use hunting GPS to guide you in the right direction. You can also mark any location on the maps. You can mark your original location or base camp and move back safely using hunting GPS. Apart from marking a location, you can also name that particular point. For example, you can name it “base camp” or “Hunting spot one,” etc.

●       In the land of trees, it is hard to point out the exact and desired location. You can use trees to mark as flags to indicate some spot or location. Even if it's dark now, you can easily figure out your way in the correct direction. You may be done with your hunting adventure. But these marks will stay in the records of your hunting GPS. So if you visit the same place next time you can use these marks. They can also be erased anytime if you no longer need them.

●       Some GPS hunters also have a feature of giving alerts. They give you alerts about your hunting tools and if your hunting vehicle needs servicing. It will give you alerts for getting your vehicle fixed or get it serviced.

●       The hunting grounds or mountains or wherever you are planning your adventure may lack the cell towers. You are more likely not to receive proper signals or maybe no single at all. Again your GPS will rescue you. You can use GPS for sending information to your loved ones. It can be used to send information to authorities or signal for help in case you get stuck or injured. This will help you with extraction and get you a safe home.

GPS is a precious tool for hunters and anyone going on an adventure. Even though you want to have a rough and tough adventure, not using a GPS would be a foolish act. It helps you a lot all the time and in times of emergency. While buying a GPS, make sure it uses an authentic data source, has a long battery life, topographic maps, good display, and screen. Having an option for emergency features is also good. You just need to send them a signal, and rescue teams will track you down if you need it. Always make sure to carry extra batteries. Hunting into the wild is a risky adventure; hence carrying a GPS will be useful and safe.  

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