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Sprint Dead Zones USA MapCoverage: Sprint has coverage in every state, but coverage in Alaska is limited to analog roaming only. They have also been rolling out their Sprint 4G which speeds rank near the top.  Nextel's iDEN network has coverage in every state except Alaska and Montana. As with all carriers, individual coverage will vary by location and we recommend searching our consumer-generated Sprint coverage map for coverage complaints on the right. For international coverage, roaming is available in 26 countries while Nextel iDEN roaming is available in 11 countries. Their coverage is spotty in a few areas around the United States and roaming charges do apply to some areas. However, if you live in a major metropolitan area it is likely you will have comparable coverage to AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile in most areas. One benefit of being a customer of a smaller carrier means you are likely competing against fewer users for network capacity. This usually results in fewer data and voice congestion problems when you are at a stadium or on a crowded freeway. Sprint and Clearwire Communications announced plans to launch their respective 4G mobile Internet services in 2009 and is rolling out in many large cities. Sprint offers in-building home coverage with their Airwave enhanced coverage microcell tower for 2G and 3G.  

Plans: Sprint is beginning to attract more customers with a compelling device line-up like the and the clarity and simplicity of unlimited plans. Plans are typically less expensive, particularly for unlimited internet access, text and messaging services. They offer several plans pre-paid, family, and individual plans.  Nextel offers plans with unlimited incoming calls and a strong set of business-friendly features, including adding a second line to a handset. Nextel pioneered push-to-talk technology with its Direct Connect (now called Walkie-Talkie) service.

Other features:
  • Sprint offers a 4G network but coverage limited to urban areas.
  • Rolling out 5G services in major cities. 
  • Sprint Airave femtocell or mini cell tower for enhanced in-building coverage. 
  • Push-to-talk technology with Direct Connect (now called Walkie-Talkie)
  • Sprint's CDMA network and Nextel's iDEN network are distinct technologies that use separate networks with different coverage areas.
  • International CDMA and iDEN coverage have a smaller footprint than GSM, though the carrier now offers dual-mode CDMA/GSM handsets and a dual-mode iDEN/GSM device.
  • Sprint has many Android phones with unlimited data plans. We highly recommend them! 
  • T-Mobile & Sprint merged but they are keeping separate business brand units similar to when they purchased MetroPCS. 

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