Wifi Cell Phone Towers are the Future

American Tower, Crown Castle or SBA Communications Should Buy Skyhook Wireless

The promise of using Wifi to make phone calls everywhere could be the future if there was enough information available where you could make VoIP phone calls.  It looks like Skyhook Wireless is headed in that direction now that they have a very massive database of locations.  I think it would be prudent for a cell phone tower management company like Crown Castle, American Tower or SBA Communications to have some vision and realize they might not be in the tower real estate business in the future and start to think about Wifi as a hedge against 4G and LTE hiccups.  My speculation is that someone like Google will ultimately drive adoption because of their tremendous location based advertising reach.

BOSTON, MA - March 15, 2010- Skyhook Wireless® today announced a new service called SpotRank and its availability via SimpleGeo, provider of a comprehensive location API for developers. Based on groundbreaking data never before made available, SpotRank will change the way that location-based apps are built. Skyhook is showcasing SpotRank with real time location data from this week's SXSW festival in Austin and other spots around the world. To see SpotRank in action, visit Skyhook Worldwide Map.

SpotRank data is based on hundreds of millions of anonymous location lookups processed daily through Skyhook's Core Engine. This location platform powers positioning requests on tens of millions of devices and applications around the world. Skyhook continually mines this data to create detailed behavioral intelligence profiles for over half a billion 100 meter "spots" around the world. Providing brand new insight into the movement of crowds through out urban areas, these profiles are based on historical trends in location lookup volume and time of day. Read more.

See our map which asks for users to contribute locations where there are Wi-Fi dead zones.

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