AT&T Wifi Hotspot Locations Map

United States map of AT&T Wifi hot spots locations
AT&T Wi-Fi Network has more than 20,000 U.S. Hotspot Locations

AT&T has the most Wifi hotspot locations where 3G cell coverage stinks most in hospitals, stores, hostpital, sport arenas, stadiums and universities. When your cell coverage stinks try using Wi-fi to make a phone call or use it to get data access on your iPhone.

AT&T, an industry leader in Wi-Fi with the nation's largest Wi-Fi network (non-municipal company and owned and operated hotspots), today reported in a press release that it has more than 20,000 U.S. Wi-Fi hotspot locations. 32 million AT&T customers have AT&T Wi-Fi access included with their qualifying smartphone, AT&T High Speed Internet and 3G LaptopConnect plans, an added value and convenience that drives Wi-Fi usage.  Many of the most popular AT&T smartphones support auto-authentication at AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots, making it even more convenient for customers to connect. Smartphones and other integrated devices account for the 69 percent of connections made on AT&T's Wi-Fi network.

AT&T continues to expand the wide selection of Wi-Fi enabled devices available to AT&T customers and its convenient Wi-Fi hotspots across the U.S., including venues in hospitality, retail, healthcare, sport arenas/stadiums and university locations.  If you ever experience a location that lacks Wi-Fi we have a map for that called A full list of AT&T Wi-Fi locations is available at

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