Where is AT&T Fixing Outdoor Reception?

AT&T Antenna Adjustment on Highway 101 for Dropped Calls

Believe it or now there have been lots of improvements to AT&T's network around the US in the last couple of years as the number one priority of the entire company is to improve the network quality.  So it is great to see we are starting to get positive reports as well from our users and carriers about improvements to the network in areas that were previously reported as dead zones, dropped call areas or locations with persistent data congestion problems.  If you ever see improvements to the network that were previously reported as problems, please add these locations to our dead zones map.  Here is an example of how to report an improvement to a coverage problem.  Please note that the first row of our form below is to report improvements to the network.  Here is how to report a fix to the dead zone complaint reported on the AT&T map.  Over time we will likely begin to remove pins around locations that have been improved. 

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