How to Use an iPad 3G, 4G or 5G Without A Data Plan

It is now possible to save even more money as a consumer if you don't want to pay AT&T for unlimited data and its' congested 3G data network. 

If you are not a big traveler and are frequently near open Wi-Fi hotspots there is a cheaper solution for you.  Typically users who drop data plans will use their phones or iPads on Wi-Fi and not the carrier 3G network.  Even if you purchased a 3G iPad, iPhone 4, an Android phone you don't have to get the data plan.  This can often save you $25 to $30 per month depending on your carrier.  Also, if you jailbreak your iPad or iPhone it does void the warranty but it is typically cheaper to take your phone in for repair versus using the warranty service.

Beware that we have heard some people are experiencing problems once data plans are dropped and we want to hear from you in the comments section below.  If you are extremely cheap and can use your phone without a SIM card such as the Android phone you can drop your voice plan as well by simply removing your SIM card. Keep in mind this would require that your contract be expired.   Keep in mind when you drop your data plan you might experience the following problems:

1) Unable to make phone calls because your phone is playing shenanigans with the network
2) Battery life is shortened because the phone is scanning for a data network
3) Watch your monthly billing statement closely for erroneous monthly data charges

Also, more retailers are starting to offer free Wi-Fi as Starbucks said they will be offering free wireless access to all customers with no registration, debit cards, time restrictions, or other shenanigans. This is a great trend that will be expanding a lot in the coming years.  We think data and voice will eventually be free because advertising will eventually be subsidizing these costs.

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