Paperless Billing Scam

Verizon Internet, FIOS, TV, FIOS, Wireless Paperless Billing Scam

If you are a regular customer of Verizon Fios you will probably notice that once your contract expires or you are using recurring credit card payments that it is impossible to get a bill for your account.  They will just keep billing you until you ask for details about the service.  I tried to log into the account several times to review the bill and it is impossible to get access to my billing history, change my credit card information or review the services I have.  I have called the customer service and they can't deliver me a bill.  I am no confident that this paperless billing is just a scam so Verizon doesn't have to be transparent about its billing practices.  This is not a technical glitch as it has been the same for weeks.  Has any consumer agency done anything about this fraudulent billing practice?  No.  The only solution you have is to speak with some incoherent customer service representative who will make you promises that they can't deliver.  For instance, I have only been getting half of the upload and download speeds I was promised.  No the customer service representative wants to sell me a plan that is 25MB/25MB.

Please submit your comments and experiences below if you have had similar problems.

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